Architecture in Mauritius

Mauritius, though tiny to the world, is a multi-cultural society peacefully interacting with each other in a budding democracy. These combined factors offer a favorable as well as robust base to study a multitude of juxtapositions with a view to establishing a foundation for Architecture that promotes unity in diversity.

Design can influence behavior of people to some extent. The effect of Architecture on individuals is not quantifiable but can be felt in several instances. The strongest of all being monuments and places of worship. Elements of Architecture are put together in such a way that they help convey a message, belief or feeling in such a powerful way that some of the effects can trigger change in personal lives of people. Similarly, design can help in promoting social stability based on a concept of tolerance through Architecture by means of a careful study and analysis of influential elements in different cultures that are then reinterpreted and reintroduced in our contemporary buildings to promote positivity and collaboration rather than division.

The resulting contemporary but culturally significant elements can be relevant for all typologies of buildings. However, if applied to houses, the effects can well be more sustainable and beneficial to society at large.

We live in an increasingly divided world. There are constant threats of power struggles and wars arising from differences, manipulations or oppressions of some kind or another that are creating seemingly deep and permanent scars in nations and people. Nowadays, the ideals of world peace and balance only look good on speeches but we are actually far from achieving the tiniest stability. The concept of tolerance is present in all religions and cultures. The family cell has been a major vehicle in imparting those values together with many more from generation to generation. The home, acting as the physical manifestation of unity and sustainability of families, has a predominant role in shaping people and societies.

A systematic approach of breaking down the vast number of ideas, emotions and interactions into a kit-of –parts proves to be a viable solution in order to be able to isolate, analyse, redefine and test each and every aspect identified with a view to proposing new and fresh solutions that have significance in society today.