We use our creative thinking to offer alternative solutions to inherent problems of society

The Director, Ashween Ramhotar, targets at creating the first research based Architectural practice of Mauritius with a view to proposing solutions not only for the local market but also for many developing countries in the region. These solutions can be easily exported as design service. In parallel with business, Ark Atelier Ltd engages in social projects regularly. This is as means to contributing to advancement of society by carefully supporting the most vulnerable.

Architecture as a way of life rather than a profession. We aim to provide quality design to a targeted number of clients by carefully researching means to reduce operation and design costs while constantly pushing the limits of local design solutions to achieve world class Architecture. We aim at increasing the awareness of Architectural design as crucial means to improving quality of life.

Research based Architecture

To create a sturdy base for the future by formalizing Architectural research in Mauritius and directly translating findings into built form.

Provide Architectural solutions that help local artists and craftsmen

Find new applications to talents of budding artists and craftsmen of Mauritius.

Position the company as a collaborator to other Architectural practices

Broadening the types of solutions available for Architectural practices in Mauritius.

Inspire as well as encourage other young Architects

To join together in setting new standards in Architecture in Mauritius.

Create the first designer brand for Architecture in Mauritius

Designer buildings, interiors, furniture and accessories.

Think globally act locally

Adopt an international attitude in every endeavor and try to provide solutions that have international standards.

More is less

Explore many various other fields and try to gain experience that can be translated into Architecture via acquired sensitivity.

Push the limits of Architecture and building construction in Mauritius

Constantly questioning set paths, reusing materials and technologies in original and effective ways.

Investing time and energy in studying Culture, History, Technology and Climate

To bring about meaningful change and address the issue of eroding culture in Architecture.

Practicing the profession with the heart

It is not only profit that matters but integrity, principles, relationship building, and mostly people matter and need to be firmly upheld.